CliClap is (currently) free

After you register to CliClap, you gain full access to all features, enabling you to utilize the full value of our product.
In addition, we provide you with the ability to schedule an unlimited number of post and unlimited clicks on your Posts and Call-to-Action.

Why is it free?

Our vision at CliClap is to provide marketers a solution that helps them grow their business while reducing the overall resources currently required to reach their goals. To do so, we need their help, to learn how they use and benefit from our product, get their feedback and ensure that every feature we add promotes our vision to reality. That's why we decided that our beta version will be provided for free.

When will we start charging?

CliClap will be 100% free as long as our product is in beta. When we will be ready to release our first public version, we will notify our beta users in advance, enabling them to select the plan that fits their needs. We also decided that the users who will be active and interactive, will be eligible for a discount.