CliClap integrates seamlessly with your existing tools, making it easy to implement, track and measure results.

Data Served.

You have no shortage of user data, content and tools for your website, but is it driving revenue and growth?

You have a beautiful website, quality content, catchy pop-ups, and the tools in place to track every movement of your visitors. Still, it’s a constant challenge to turn visitors into customers — or even just keeping them on your site. The reason is that each visitor has a different set of needs and a different readiness to convert but they all get the same experience when they land on your site. What if you could deliver a personalized experience that aligns your goals with each visitors’ unique intent?

Disparate platforms and complex IT integrations
Staying current with the newest marketing technologies is a non-negotiable for businesses today. But more tools often translate to complex integration projects and hours of additional platform maintenance putting a strain on you and your team’s efficiency.
A/B testing and rule based solutions are inefficient
A/B testing may be sufficient for a single page, but optimizing your entire website requires more complexity. Rule-based solutions can address certain pre-set journeys but don’t take individual intent into account. Both fail to create a dynamic and personalized user experience.
Inefficient use of content resources
Your team works hard to create value-packed content, but getting it in front of the right eyes remains a huge obstacle to success. The performance of your content is dependent on prospects sifting through your archives. Too often materials that could drive conversions are not being utilized to their full potential.
Fragmented visibility into the user journey
With data spread between multiple systems, it can be a challenge to accurately decipher the user journey. This information is a crucial puzzle piece in understanding who your prospects are, what they need, and how to best optimize the experience on your site.

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Hassle-free integration and maintenance
Simple Implementation
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Plays well with your marketing technology stack
Easy Integration
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AI-powered optimization
AI Based Optimization
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Streamlined reporting with actionable insights
Gain Insights
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Unlock potential of PDFs, 3rd party content and video
Track Any Content

Integrating new tools can be like bringing an inexperienced chef into a Michelin restaurant. That’s why we’ve made it simple to integrate CliClap with your stack, enabling you to easily implement, track and measure results.

Hassle-free integration and maintenance

Implement and use with minimal effort

CliClap is a breeze to implement and maintain. Simply install the script on your site and go live within hours. No IT required.

Plays well with your marketing technology stack

Easily integrates with your inbound marketing tools

CliClap integrates seamlessly with your CMS and existing marketing automation stack including HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot, and more.

AI-powered optimization

Continuously optimizes every page of your site

CliClap’s AI learns which content journeys drive business goals and uses this data to drive conversions with targeted suggestions across your site. No need to pre-set workflows or A/B tests, CliClap is self-optimizing 24/7.

Streamlined reporting

Know exactly which content is delivering results

CliClap integrates with Google Analytics to provide you with valuable insights on engagement, content attribution, and goal tracking.

Unlock potential of PDFs, 3rd party content and video

Leverage all your content, off site and in videos and PDFs

Engage and convert across the user journey, even in previously untapped formats such as PDFs, 3rd party content, and videos.

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One of the things we really love about CliClap is that it gives us visibility into who is reading our PDFs, and enables us to engage with them as they do so - something we haven't been able to do before. When talking about content performance and attribution, this is truly a game-changer and opens many doors for what we can do with a PDF.
Zvi Storch
Operations Manager, Lawgeex

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