Easily measure and analyze website attribution and boost ROI on your inbound investments

Goals Served.

Your team creates spectacular content, why aren’t you seeing better ROI?

You are pouring budget and resources to generate a growing stream of visitors to your website using thoughtful, value-driven content. Inbound should be leading your marketing strategy, and yet, it’s a constant challenge to convert visitors to customers. The problem isn’t your team or your content, it’s the discrepancy between your business goals and your visitors’ intent. What if you could deliver an experience that aligns your goals with your visitors’ needs and wants?

Your content is being treated like one-time-use
You invest in value-driven content. The problem is, once the content is created and shared, it all too quickly gets buried in archives where no prospects will ever find it. What a shame when it might be exactly what they are looking for.
User experience slips between the cracks
The experience of prospects when they land on your site ultimately determines whether they will become your customers. Providing value is a must. Unfortunately, this fact is often overlooked in favor of popups and sales tactics that erode trust.
Content attribution is notoriously challenging
Producing quality content is expensive, and measuring its success is not always straightforward. One of the biggest challenges for anyone executing a data-driven content strategy is understanding what to prioritize and optimize to deliver positive ROI on the investment.
You are blind when it comes to PDFs
Big budgets go into creating evergreen content such as whitepapers and ebooks, but you aren’t privy to the user data once they are downloaded. Without this feedback, it is difficult to determine their success and optimize accordingly.
New technology can burden on your team’s productivity
Leveraging new innovative technologies can provide you with a competitive edge. However, more tools often translate to complex integration projects and hours of additional platform maintenance putting a strain on your team’s efficiency.

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A Personalized Experience for Every Visitor
Personalized Experience
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Goal-Driven Content Journeys
Drive Goals
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End the Attribution Struggles
Measure Attribution
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Track, Engage, and Convert Inside PDFs
Track PDFs
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Hassle-Free Integration and Maintenance
Simple Implementation

Your content-rich website isn’t converting enough visitors to customers. It’s much like providing “all you can eat'' self-service when your customers want a personally served gourmet meal. Here’s how CliClap enables you to measure website attributes and boost ROI.

A Personalized Experience for Every Visitor

Engage visitors by meeting their needs

Build trust and nurture prospects by providing real value for every single visitor to your site. CliClap understands user intent and provides personalized content recommendations to engage visitors and meet their unique needs.

Goal-Driven Content Journeys

Optimize recommendations to drive conversions

CliClap’s AI-powered algorithms learn which content journeys drive business goals and for whom. These insights inform content recommendations that are continuously optimized to drive engagement and conversions.

End the Attribution Struggles

Know which content delivers ROI

CliClap pinpoints top performing content for each stage in the funnel according to specific goals such as “request a demo” or “subscribe.” Cut spend for content that isn’t driving revenue and focus your resources where it counts.

Track, Engage, and Convert Inside PDFs

Engage with visitors off site

Get more value out of your evergreen marketing materials by adding reading recommendations and CTAs inside premium PDF-based content. Regardless of where your visitors click from (website, landing pages, social or e-mails), CliClap enables you to track and engage with readers.

Hassle-Free Integration and Maintenance

Let CliClap do the heavy lifting

CliClap is a breeze to implement and maintain, our algorithms do the heavy lifting and A/B...Z testing so your team can focus on what they do best. Simply install the script on your site and go live within hours.

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CliClap is like the friendly host when you arrive at a restaurant. Instead of leaving guests stranded and looking for a table on their own, the suggestions help our visitors find what they are looking for. After three months we saw an uplift of 36% in conversions from our website.
Daniel Kushner
CEO, Oktopost

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