Turn more website visitors to qualified leads by using CliClap to constantly optimize visitor's journeys for conversions across all of your website pages.

Leads Served.

Everyone wants more leads. So why is it becoming so hard to get them?

Every month, thousands of people visit your website. Yet, most leave after the first page they visit and only a small fraction convert to leads. Why? Because people are used to personalized experiences on Amazon, Spotify and Netflix, and they expect you to serve them with what they need when they need it. But with current B2B website technologies, it’s impossible to meet these expectations, at scale.

Key Challenges

Static webpages increase bounce rates
Here’s the bad news: Visitors don’t have time to search your site for what they need. Once they’ve landed on a page and are done reading, they’ll leave. Unless there’s something else that captures their interest.
Optimizing for engagement and conversions across your site is simply impossible
You’ve probably optimized for conversions on a handful of pages on your site, but what happens to the rest of your visitors who land on non-optimized pages? You’ll constantly miss potential engagement and conversion opportunities.
PDFs are inaccessible beyond the click
You’ve invested your best resources on creating e-books, case studies, and other PDF-based premium content. Then, they hit the download button and they’re both off your site and out of your sight.
Sharing 3rd party content is a missed opportunity
Sharing content from other publications both on social media and through site links builds trust with your audience. But once they click on 3rd party links, they’re out of your reach.
Irrelevant pop-ups are irritating
While pop-ups are important for your lead generation efforts, they're hard to optimize. In most cases, they provide a bad user experience and conversion rates, simply because they’re out of context (don’t match your visitors’ intent) and annoy them.

Main Courses

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Personalized Content Recommendations
Recommend Content
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Automated Conversion Optimization Across Your Site
Optimize Conversion
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Track, Engage and Convert inside PDFs
Track Inside PDFs
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Drive Engagement in 3rd Party Content
Get Engagement
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Analyze Results
Learn What Works

Most websites aren’t able to understand site visitors’ intent and serve them relevant recommendations. It’s much like hoping all your visitors like steak when some want chicken or fish. Here’s how CliClap is able to serve the right content, wherever your visitor may be.

Personalized Content Recommendations

No more static unoptimized pages

CliClap uses AI to continuously learn which content journeys on your website drive visitors to convert. It then uses these insights and turns them into on-page personalized content recommendations that are optimized to engage and convert more of your visitors to qualified leads.

Automated Conversion Optimization Across Your Site

No need for a/b testing, No more annoying pop-ups

CliClap seamlessly tracks all conversions (demo requests, contact us, LP forms, blog subscriptions, etc.) on your website. Using the conversion and journey data, it learns and analyzes the conversion paths, understands visitor intent, and learns how and when to try convert them using your goals.

Track, Engage & Convert Inside PDF files

Gain full sight and control

Maximize the value of your PDFs by adding content recommendations and call-to-actions inside your premium PDF-based content. Irrespective of where your visitors are opening your PDFs (site links, landing pages, social or e-mails), CliClap enables you to further engage with your visitors and track their activities.

Drive Engagement in 3rd Party Content

Never lose track of your visitors

Sharing 3rd party content is a must to build your brand’s value and trust. With CliClap, you can now track and engage with your visitors, even when you’re sharing content that’s not located on your site.

Analyze Results

Learn what works

CliClap enables you to easily track all your conversions by goal type, helping you understand which goals convert best and how your demand generation activities are impacting your conversions.

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CliClap has boosted our efforts to improve lead quality and conversion rates on the website. Since implementing, we've found that more than 40% of our leads engaged with CliClap's recommendations before converting and of those, 22% were last touched by CliClap. What’s more, once set up, the tool doesn’t require much in terms of ongoing maintenance.
Manu Krishna
Marketing Director, Trax

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