I've been in Online Marketing for many years and this is the coolest solution I've come across. CliClap is already helping us improve the effectiveness of our Social Media marketing and the clip feature is nothing short of genius!

Chris Grundy

Online Marketing Manager at Bitbond

Using CliClap we managed to get visibility into the content we're creating and posting, understand our target audience better and create truly engaging content. We replaced Hootsuite with CliClap and it brought us great value from day one.

Dominic Suszek

Founder & CEO of Global RADAR®

An easy way to grow your community with great external content, and invite them back to your site as well.

Eran Abramson

Head of Marketing, Knowmail

CliClap delivered value from day one. It helps us engage visitors and followers and understand which actions drive higher engagement rates. Their unique solution enables us to build content journeys for our followers, by easily leveraging our own content as well as curated content from our ecosystem.

Dani Guzman

Product Marketing Director, Ex Libris Group

CliClap helps keep our engaged users within our social network and legitimizes our efforts in client retention and smart marketing. They’re doing it right.

Andrew Williams

Chief of Content, Adsology