Provide exceptional web experience to your visitors while keeping their data safe.

CliClap was built with privacy in mind. Our product helps you provide a personalized experience to your website visitors, without personally identifying individual users.

By default, we do not save any personal data, such as email addresses or exact locations.
CliClap enables you to uphold your obligations as a data controller, stated by the GDPR:

  • CliClap users can request an export, as well as permanent deletion, of their own or their visitors’ personal data.
  • CliClap users can decide which personal data is being saved.
  • At any time, CliClap users can request to change which personal data is being saved.

CliClap is processing data on millions of people, and we’re fully dedicated to keeping that information safe and secure.

Last modified on: April 2nd, 2020


Contacting CliClap

If you have any questions or concerns about CliClap’s services or GDPR, you may contact us by email at

[email protected]