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Content Served.

You’ve created great content. So why is nobody reading it?

Let’s talk about the content graveyard. Content is the best way to get more visitors to your site and nurture them once they are on your site. But most of your content goes to die after you’ve run the campaign, posted on social, and milked it for all it’s worth. Why? Because it’s buried in your resource center. But it’s still useful content. And no one’s being exposed to it, let alone reading it.

Key Challenges

Users don’t search for information and lose interest quickly
When you go to a vendor’s website, do you invest time searching to find what you need? Your B2B buyers are consumers just like you. Today, consumers expect an easy to use self-serve experience. If they don’t instantly see what they need, they leave and may never come back.
Great content is buried in the resource center
You’ve probably invested a lot in designing your resource centers. But if you look at your data, you will most likely see that most of your website visitors don’t use the resource center’s features. In fact, they often bounce after they land on the first content page. The outcome? Your great content is buried under useful navigation and filter features that no one uses.
Inability to understand visitor intent and serve them the right content
Every time you load a new asset to your CMS, you invest time and thought into which additional content hooks to put on the page. But no matter how hard you try, every visitor is different and one size doesn’t fit all.
Inability to analyze the engagement with your PDF readers
Your PDF-based premium content is more expensive and time-consuming to produce and it plays an important role in your content and lead generation strategies. But you’re working in the dark since you have no way to analyze which content is being read and how to optimize your premium content production.
Inability to reach your user reading 3rd party content
Sharing 3rd party content is a must to build trust and provide value to your audience. But you’ve sent them offsite. And that means you’re unable to truly understand which content is actually being read and you’re losing engagement opportunities.

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Leverage PDF Content to the Max
Track PDFs
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Drive Engagement in 3rd Party Content
Repurpose Content

Measuring the effectiveness of your content can be like handing out free samples to passers-by. You don’t know if they like it, or if they will return. Here’s how CliClap helps you understand how well your content is working and fine-tune it so your customers will consume more.

Personalized Website Content At Your Fingertips

Bring your content back to life

Using smart tagging backed by CliClap’s automated machine learning algorithms, you can now easily implement a dynamic and hyper-personalized content experience on all of your website pages. Plus, you’ll get a clear understanding on how your content attributes to lead conversions and use these insights to optimize your content strategy.

Leverage PDF Content to the Max

Magically turn your PDFs into dynamic and trackable assets

Track how much time your readers spend inside your premium PDF content. Then, turn your PDFs into dynamic engaging content by adding CliClap’s personalized content-binge bar, goals and even chatbots.

Drive Engagement in 3rd Party Content

Put your content in the spotlight

When your potential customers engage with your shared third party content, you’re able to analyze which content and publications deliver more value by tracking how much time your followers spend reading each article, and which social channels deliver more engaged readers. You’re also able to serve the premium content that’s driving more visitors to consume your content.

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We implemented CliClap to drive engagement for first touchpoint visitors. The personalized content recommendations allowed us to increase traffic within our website to content by an average of 28%.
Nami Cohen
Marketing Manager, Allot

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