About CliClap

CliClap is a Marketing-Technology which uses AI to help marketers boost website engagement and lead conversions, autonomously.
The platform is built to be the (missing) brain of B2B websites. It does so by utilizing algorithms that constantly learn when and how to engage with each of the website visitors, driving them through the shortest content-journey until they are converted to qualified leads.

Our team has extensive experience in marketing technologies and in building scalable platforms.
We are looking to grow our core team with people who get excited from building things from scratch, have the ability to learn, do stuff differently and most importantly have a native smile and sense of humor that can be injected into the Customer Experience.

If you believe you have what it takes to join CliClap and have the skill set required for one of the open positions below – we want to meet you!

Note: We always prefer to get CVs from people we know, so we highly recommend visiting our LinkedIn page and seeing if you have 2nd-degree connections with one of our team members.



Open positions:

  1. Sales Manager
  2. Marketing Manager