How to Stay Ahead in a World of Stagnating B2B Marketers


We had the Industrial Revolution.

We had the Information Revolution.

We’re on the cusp of the Artificial Intelligence Revolution. The question is what your job as a marketer will look like when it’s over.

We want you to emerge stronger, more relevant and more valuable than ever in this changing world.

That’s the goal of the CliClap blog.


Keep Your Inbound Up to Date

Even if you had inbound mastered a year or two ago, new technology and a changing marketing playbook are transforming B2B lead generation – and B2B lead expectation.

In their personal lives, your leads take it for granted that Amazon personalizes product recommendations and Netflix guesses which movies they want to see. They don’t have to use their precious time clicking through screen after screen to find a good movie to watch.

These expectations carry over to their business lives. Busy business people don’t want to have to waste time searching for the information they need or – alternatively – filling out forms to gain access to that info. They’d ideally like you to read their minds, but at the very least, they want you to read their actions and use the information to get them what they want… faster.

Is your B2B customer journey as smooth as an Amazon purchase? Does your customer experience recall the personalization of Netflix?

If it doesn’t, you better be on your way. And if you’re not on your way, you need a concrete strategy for getting there.

The tools are here. And they go well beyond the standard marketing automation systems you’re used to working with.

If you get a handle on the cutting-edge inbound tools and technology now, you’ll be using the new playbook while your competitors are still lagging behind with the old one.

This blog is here to give you that advantage.

You’ll know what’s out there in the world of inbound tools, technology and strategy: everything from AI to dynamic content suggestion to chatbots to managing your data.

And you won’t just spout theory. We’ll explain how to leverage each new strategy and piece of technology to get solid results.

Your relevancy as an inbound marketer won’t be displaced by new technology. You will be the master, expertly wielding emerging tools and strategies to do your bidding.

You will never have been more valuable.

And you will never have been more fulfilled. When you can leverage technology to do the grunt work faster and more effectively, you’ll free up your time to do the satisfying creative work and big picture strategizing that brought most of us into marketing in the first place.


Not WHAT Works, But WHY it Works

We’ve read too many blogs that only tell half the story you need as a marketer.

These blogs share success stories: Mary Marketer used ABC tool or XYZ strategy and increased her number of qualified leads by 250%.

Yippee for Mary Marketer.

Unfortunately, if you try to imitate Ms. Marketer, even if you follow her strategy to the letter, you often won’t see the same results.

Why? Because you didn’t know the WHY. The blog post didn’t tell you WHY it worked, just that it did.

But there was a WHY. WHY this particular strategy worked for these particular circumstances to achieve those particular results.

You need a WHY you can use. A WHY is the underlying principle that will show you if and how you can apply the lessons to your own unique circumstances.

This blog is about the WHY.

Transparency is our guiding light. We’ll highlight both successes and failures. We’ll identify specific challenges and how to overcome them. We’ll show what assets work best for which use cases.

The goal is learning. When you can learn, change, and grow, you will retain your value in every situation.


Are You Ready?

A new era in B2B marketing is around the corner.

Technology is changing the way people work, think, and expect to interact. It’s changing the way people consume content.

It happened a few years ago when mobile devices revolutionized the interaction of people with each other, with businesses and with content. Those marketers that rode the wave of mobile at its crest came through stronger than ever. Those who didn’t wash out.

We want you and your business to come through this latest inbound marketing revolution ahead of the game.

For that, you need access to the new playbook.

We’re writing it for you, page by page, right here.

Make sure to follow along.

Yonatan is the CEO and Co-Founder of CliClap, a smart, autonomous, inbound lead generation and qualification solution for your content marketing channels.

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