How AI can help Marketers generate more leads with higher quality and less effort


An interview with Yonatan Snir, Co-founder and CEO of CliClap
By Ton Dobbe – Chief Inspiration Officer, Value Inspiration


Every week I interview entrepreneurs and experts from around the world to share their big idea about new forms of value creation and the potential we can unlock when technology augments the unique strengths of people to deliver remarkable impact.


The ‘Relevance’ Challenge

I got inspired by the big idea behind CliClap; hence I invited co-founder and CEO Yonatan Snir to my podcast. We explore why so after so many years of marketing automation the tools we use still suggest visitors to our website the wrong topics of conversation (which is awkward) or ask people for their commitment way before the time is right (which is annoying and pushy). We then address how technology such as AI is offering us a completely different approach to the challenge, one that delivers results almost too good to be true.


The thing that triggered me most from my interview with Yonatan

“we have a lot of traffic on to the website that’s not converting today, and many tools and many new tactics are being used to try and fix that. But eventually, we see that only a friction converts.”


Why did this trigger me? What’s the bigger value I see?

It’s a topic I am personally passionate about. From my own experience, it all starts with being relevant. Research from Interbrand however, concluded that ‘the top 10 fastest-growing brands over the last five years are those where Relevance was amongst their top-performing dimensions.’ A critical element to success therefore.

Just face it. What happens when content is not relevant? It doesn’t drive engagement – and as such it doesn’t convert. Realizing this is already a very good step in the right direction. It puts you on the path to create content that’s meaningful, content that educates, content that hits your ideal customer in a way they’ll say: ‘you’ve read my mind, this is exactly my problem.’

But then there’s another issue – what’s relevant to me, is not relevant to you or someone else. And where you are in your journey is not where I am in my journey. That’s exactly the problem with today’s content platforms – it’s a one-size fit all approach to presenting content, the same experience for everyone. This not only converts poorly but is expensive at the same time.

As Yonatan quotes: ‘a lot of people are being missed out. The marketing tactics that we’ve been using for so long are really not adjusted to how we as consumers want to consume content and get informed. So, we’re being pushed too much to fill out forms, and get our data way before we’re ready to move to the next step. So, the idea is to try and understand for each visitor when, and what’s the next best thing. And when it’s ready, ready to stick and move to the next level of engagement. Not too soon, not too late.’

This is really where AI and Machine Learning come in. It’s self-learning capabilities put an end to the manual creation of ‘buyer journeys’. It’s finally enabling us to give every visitor an experience that addresses their unique challenges and move them from unaware to engaged at their own pace. It’s doing that in a way we could never achieve, no matter how big our marketing teams would be. The result is fascinating: Engagement rates double, bounce-rates go down, the time on page and session duration go up – and sales are presented with much better-qualified leads.


What’s the bigger question/opportunity that raises?

It’s the question of ‘what’s the next stage of evolution for Marketers.’ If we have solutions like CliClap at our availability, what can we do to take the impact to yet another level? One of the things I continue to see is the lack of relevance in general messaging, and hence this reflects on the content that’s created.

It’s too abstract, it takes too much ‘distance’ and is too generic to hit the right nerve.

Another thing I see is broken journeys, where the content available is all about direct conversion of leads – like getting on a date with someone and asking them to marry you before the starter has arrived.

Maybe that’s a typical chicken & egg issue: since we only have one way to drive the customer journey it’s forcing a more generic content approach. Hence the question – now that we have a super personalization engine at our disposal, what options does that give us to go deep and produce hyper-targeted content that addresses the exact challenges, ambition, and roadblocks of every critical decision maker at our ideal customer?

It’s my belief that the availability of intelligent solutions like CliClap will allow us all to step up our game – and that will give a completely new dimension to the art of marketing.

Listen to the big idea behind CliClap, and why it has the potential to fundamentally transform the impact marketers can make.

Ton Dobbe is the founder and chief inspiration officer of Value Inspiration.
He helps business software companies rethink their strategies by means of how they communicate, accelerate innovation, and increase their market value and potential.

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