B2B Marketing out of the inBox Chapter 1 – Webinars


How many times have you gotten an email with a link to watch a recorded webinar?
How many times did you click the link and watch it?
Saved it for later ?????

The people on your mailing list are no different than you.
When they get an email with a recorded webinar, they typically don’t have 30-60 minutes to watch it, and even if they save the email for later, chances are they will probably not get back to it later.

To validate the statement above on your audience, run a simple data analysis:
Compare the average CTR you get for your recorded webinar promotions with the average CTR you get for marketing emails, promoting other types of content (make sure you include only emails that have links directing to the content). While it won’t be a clear apples to apples case, if the webinar CTR is much lower, then you have a problem.

Photo by: sergio salamanca

So how can you address this challenge and get more prospects to watch your webinar? The solution may be simpler than you think and I believe it’s worth a try.

Let’s start by analyzing the problem statement: “they won’t have 30-60 minutes to watch it”.  This doesn’t mean that they aren’t interested in the content or that the webinar isn’t good. It could be a simple mismatch between the type of content you sent and the medium through which it’s delivered. After all, people do like to watch videos and if it’s short, they are more likely to watch it, even if they were in the middle of something else.
In other words, if you will send them an email with a short summary of the webinar, chances are they will be more likely to watch it.

But creating a summary video for every webinar means a lot of extra work – right?


What if you could easily break down your webinar to “chapters”, providing your audience clickable links inside the email, enabling them to jump straight to the starting point of the chapter that’s most relevant for them?


Follow these 5 simple steps to learn how:

5 simple steps to create clickable links for your webinar’s chapters 

Step 1: Upload the recorded webinar to YouTube.

Step 2: Prepare a text file with the chapters, including the timestamps from the video you just uploaded.
For example:

  • Intro to John Doe (0:00 – 5:30)
  • John’s content strategy framework (5:31 – 10:45)
  • How John lifted his MQLs by 20% using CliClap (10:46 – 15:35)

Step 3: Copy the text from step 2 and paste it in the video description on YouTube.

Step 4: Save the video and go to the video page.
You will realize that the timestamps you wrote have turned into hyperlinks. When clicking on the links, the video will jump to the point in time on the video – cool ha!

Step 5: Copy the description from the video to your email promotion template (make sure your email tool doesn’t lose the hyperlinks when pasting)

You are all set!

If you are planning to give this a shot, please share your LinkedIn profile in the comments below as I would be happy to get in touch, follow up on your results and see if we could think of more ways to improve your engagement.

Good Luck !

Yonatan is the CEO and Co-Founder of CliClap, a smart, autonomous, inbound lead generation and qualification solution for your content marketing channels.

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