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crush their KPIs

You create value. We get it in front
of your prospects.

How we do it

Your company’s website is your most important external-facing asset but most visitors leave after just a few clicks. It’s like you invite someone over for dinner but they get bored and leave without tasting the food.

CliClap solves this challenge by delivering an exceptional digital experience (think: dazzling your guests in fascinating conversation). Before they know it, your guests are eating bite after bite and then helping themselves to seconds.

In marketing terms, CliClap boosts conversions by offering your visitors a personalized experience. Our algorithm understands prospects’ intent and delivers on-page content recommendations to meet their needs and drive your business goals.

Who we serve

Businesses who invest time and energy in content creation. Our offering is designed for any B2B organization, from SMB to enterprise, that leverages content as a core marketing strategy.

Why we are here

Our mission is to help marketers work smarter not harder. We are passionate about efficiency and creating intelligent tools that adapt and grow with your business goals.

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Wondering about the name CliClap?

Click + Clap = CliClap. In other words, we put the clap (data-driven results) in every click

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Recommended Partners

Finding partners you can trust is key for cooking a delicious meal. We are happy to share with you the partners we love so you can ramp up your cooking too!
Marketing Agency
OZ Global B2B
Oz is a full-service global B2B agency. Their team are the ones who helped us with the creative and design of this website.
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Web Development
LM Web Solutions
LM Web Solutions are experts in web development. They are our go-to team whenever we need help with complex Wordpress development.
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Creative / UX-UI
Hello is a product design and creative agency. They have been helping us designing our platform as well as marketing content and presentations.
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Product management & CRO
Eyal David
Eyal is and expert in product management and digital processes optimizations. Eyal has been helping us with our product onboarding experience as well as designing processes on our platform.
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