Hello World, Meet CliClap

As content and social marketing become ever more prevalent in digital marketing, content and social marketers are expected both produce ever more content, and keep a steady stream of content flowing — increasing the amount of curated content that gets distributed.

Curated content is great. But the problem is it’s not yours. It lacks your branding, and doesn’t drive traffic to your site, or get you any closer to your goals.

That’s Why We Built CliClap!

CliClap is a free tool that lets you add a Call to Action to any content you share, regardless of where that content exists on the web. That way, you can drive traffic to your website and landing pages via curated content and earned media.

We also added a bunch of other great features, like post scheduling. So now you can use one tool to do much of your social media management tasks. Pretty neat, right?

We launched in May this year, and we’re already seeing an amazing response from our users, who are getting a lot of value out of it.

Now we’re launching the CliClap blog, which you can visit to keep up-to-date on what’s going on in the world of social media and content marketing and curated content.

Are you already using CliClap? Let us know what you love about it! Let us know what we should add! We’d love your feedback.

Not using CliClap yet? Get it here free.