The Ultimate List of Browser Extensions For Marketers

It’s finally here – we’ve built the ultimate list of browser extensions for marketers by marketers. Unlike other lists out there, this one is based on input from marketers who share the extensions they actually use.

Share the extensions you love
This list is public and ongoing – so if you’re a marketer and are using extensions you love, feel free to add them to the list and share them with the world. When adding, please ensure that the extension isn’t already on the list. Also, help us out by leaving a comment at the end about the extension you use most and why.

What’s special about this list?
Since Google changed its policy to require Chrome extensions to have a single purpose, extensions have become much safer to use and have turned into a growing marketplace on the Google Web Store. Today, almost any web application comes with a browser extension. However, just like any big marketplaces, when there are so many options, it’s really hard to find the ones that are truly useful. I have personally tried over a hundred extensions – some are still on my browser while many others I removed after just one try. When looking at the extensions that are still on my browser, I realized that 90% were installed based on recommendations from friends and colleagues. That’s why I decided to build this list and have other marketers share the extensions they use with the community.

Why do you need to use browser extensions?
Extensions are usually a smaller version of applications. Their main purpose is to enhance the functionality of your browser. In many cases, they help simplify processes and common workflows you do with your browser.

Overview of extensions I use


1. SimilarTech
SimilarTech is an excellent prospecting tool. All you need to do is click it when you are on a site of a company you wish to prospect. It provides info on:

Traffic to the site you are exploring


Company details


and technology used


The extension can be used for various business cases. We use it to learn which companies could be potential clients. Our prospects need to have a presence on social media (traffic from social) and preferably utilize marketing automation technologies.

2. Zest
As they describe themselves: “It’s a bull$hit-free zone for pro marketers to get inspired by the freshest, most in-depth marketing everything.” The current functionality enables you to share the content you find interesting with the Zest community


or open the Zest feed to explore the latest and greatest content shared by the Zest community.


3. Pablo
I used Pablo to create the featured image of this post. The tool enables you to create images with the perfect size and format for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. The extension enables you to grab any text or image from a page you are viewing into the editor and start editing it for your needs.

For example, to grab an image from a page, hover over the image with your mouse, right click and you will see an option to open the image in Pablo for editing.


The image will open instantly inside the editor and you will be able to start designing it for your needs.


4. CliClap
Last but not least is our extension ?. CliClap enables marketers to add “Clips” with a call to action or content recommendations on top of any content you share, without the need to add a single line of code. Any post shared is tracked and enables you to analyze audience engagement by social channel and profile.

This is what a Clip looks like (click to see a live example)


The extension allows you to instantly share and schedule content you find, directly to your social profiles, while attaching a personalized Clip to every post.


Hope you found the list useful so far! I’d be happy if you could help us build out the list with the extensions you love, and by leaving a comment below with the one you use most.

Thanks in advance!