Oktopost, the global leader in B2B social media management solutions, has acquired the assets of CliClap.

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Lead Generation

Turn more website visitors to qualified leads by using CliClap to constantly optimize visitor’s journeys for conversions, across all of your website pages.

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CliClap has boosted our efforts to improve lead quality and conversion rates on the website. Since implementing, we've found that more than 40% of our leads engaged with CliClap's recommendations before converting and of those, 22% were last touched by CliClap. What’s more, once set up, the tool doesn’t require much in terms of ongoing maintenance.

Manu Krishna
Marketing Director, Trax

Content Manager

See which content is driving conversions, where to improve your content, and watch your business grow.

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We implemented CliClap to drive engagement for first touchpoint visitors. The personalized content recommendations allowed us to increase traffic within our website to content by an average of 28%.

Nami Cohen
Marketing Manager, Allot

Marketing Operations

CliClap integrates seamlessly with your existing tools, making it easy to implement, track and measure results.

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One of the things we really love about CliClap is that it gives us visibility into who is reading our PDFs, and enables us to engage with them as they do so - something we haven't been able to do before. When talking about content performance and attribution, this is truly a game-changer and opens many doors for what we can do with a PDF.

Zvi Storch
Operations Manager, Lawgeex

Marketing Management

Easily measure and analyze website attribution and boost ROI on your inbound investments.

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CliClap is like the friendly host when you arrive at a restaurant. Instead of leaving guests stranded and looking for a table on their own, the suggestions help our visitors find what they are looking for. After three months we saw an uplift of 36% in conversions from our website.

Daniel Kushner
CEO, Oktopost

Satisfied Diners

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Make Every Visit an Opportunity

Once you’ve driven traffic to your website, your challenge is to understand each site visitor’s agenda and nurture relevant prospects until they convert to leads.

Delivering Content in Context

CliClap’s engagement and conversion platform observes your site visitors to understand their intent and makes personalized content recommendations. By understanding their needs and nurturing them every step of the way, they move down the funnel faster.

Meeting Your Goals

CliClap helps you make the most out of your website traffic, learning when a site visitor is ready to convert and triggering the most relevant goal (request demo, register for a webinar, subscribe) at the right time. Through targeted engagement, you’ll see more high-quality sales qualified leads and conversions.

Measuring Results

With CliClap, it’s easy to track what’s driving conversions and which content attributes to conversion at every stage of the funnel. You’ll have actionable insights for making smart decisions regarding your website strategy and tactics so you can reach your marketing objectives and enjoy higher ROI.

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