You know That Guy who can never land any dates because he’s always picking the wrong topics of conversation (awkward) or asking people out before the time is right (annoying and pushy)?

Too many marketing tools
are That Guy.

Pushing your leads to convert too early
(and scaring them away)

Chasing irrelevant leads
(and wasting your sales team’s time and resources)

Leaving you guessing which content will be most effective
(and guessing wrong)

A smarter tool is coming.

An inbound tool that:

  • Uses AI to personalize the content journey

    Provide each prospect with the precise piece of content needed to move forward in your sales funnel – at the perfect time.

  • Seamlessly integrates with your existing systems

    Works with your existing marketing automation, CRM, content, social media management and other tools – and helps them wisen up.

  • Provides you with nurtured, qualified leads

    More efficient lead generation with no need for ongoing management.

  • Presents real ROI

    Enlighten your marketing team with real insight into which inbound activities are effective and for whom.

Don’t be That Guy.

Be smart and strategic.
Stop guessing.
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CliClap is an AI-powered inbound lead generation and qualification solution for your content marketing efforts.

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No workflows
No manual testing
No management
No continuous investment of time and resources
Just results

How do I know if I can stop being That Guy?

CliClap isn’t for everybody. Approval for early access will be granted for a select few, based on eligibility requirements. Please apply if you are:

a mid-sized B2B firm focused on lead generation through content marketing

established traffic
(at least 5,000 unique
visitors a month)

an active blog and
at least one active
social channel

More efficient and cost effective lead generation. Less effort.

Don’t be That Guy.

Stop guessing.

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